FDP 2: Advanced Python Programming

About the FDP

AICTE has taken various quality initiatives to promote technical education in the country which also includes enhanced impetus on career development of faculty teaching in colleges across the country. AICTE has one of its initiatives to conduct various Faculty Development Programmes for imparting/ upgrading faculty knowledge and skills. For this purpose AICTE – ISTE Sponsored Induction/Refresher Programme, Faculty Development Programme on “Advanced Python Programming” has been organized & this FDP’s main aim is to strengthen the professional development of the faculty members and administrators who deal directly with students & the main goal is to help these educators increase the effectiveness of their teaching, especially in undergraduate programs, so that they are better able to guide students on journeys of inquiry and discovery.

Objectives of the Programme

To provide hands-on training experience in Advanced Python Programming, exploration of Python’s Object Oriented features & advanced concept related to Python.

Add enhancements to classes.

Create multithreaded and multi-process applications.

Be able to set up a client-server, network programming, generating and sending email using Python.

To motivate teachers from engineering domains like information technology, electronics etc. to adopt new relevant technologies like IA and Data Science using Python.

To provide platform to faculty members to interact with industry experts from the different domains.

To create awareness among teachers to include new technologies in all branches of engineering to increase employability, so that their students becomes industry ready.

Expected Outcome

Design, develop, and implement powerful Python applications.

Understand and leverage Object Oriented programming techniques in their Python applications.

Alter or augment the operation of existing or inherited Python code using decorators & generators.

Apply powerful regular expression matching and manipulation techniques.

Utilize sockets & networking, including Python provided protocol clients.

Generate and send simple email with multiple MIME parts and attachments

Leverage and understand Pythons threading and multiprocessing module.

Understand the concept of file handling using Python.

Course Contents/Highlights

Searching Sorting using Python &

Object Oriented Python

Designing Algorithm, Python Generators & Decorators

Python Regular Expressions & Exceptions

Sockets & Network Programming, Python Protocol Client & Internet Client

Processes & Threads

Reading Writing Files & Generating and Sending Email

Teachers from AICTE recognized engineering colleges and polytechnics can attend this FDP.

Resource Persons

Distinguished faculty members from the renowned institutes like IIT, other institutes and industry experts/ trainers working in the domain of machine learning and data science will be the resource persons for the FDP.